John Doe

Nick Soter

Guitar & Lead Vocals
John Doe

Tony Johnstone

Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
John Doe

Jamie Proctor

Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
John Doe

Kelly Atherton

Drums & Backing Vocals


  • Customer Testimonails

    Who Stole the Cookies? are a fun experience! The tunes are great and the stage presence is infectious. Their original songs are a treat!

    Susan Willemsen President of Siren Group
  • Customer Testimonails

    Your original song ‘Good To Go’ is the kind of rock I grew up with. I’d love to record it in our studio. (Prize awarded to the Cookies at the ICA Battle of the Bands)

    Jesse Mitchell Coalition Music Studio
  • Customer Testimonails

    That was a great night! We really appreciate you guys helping to promote the night and bring such a fun crowd, everyone had a blast! You guys were awesome and we look forward to having you back. You guys rocked the house!

    Dan Ferracuti Owner of Drums N Flats and Safari Bar & Grill
  • Customer Testimonails

    Thanks to Nick and his great band for bringing energy and a great party vibe to the event and for their generous, major discount to help us raise money!

    Jen Burak Arts Educator
  • Customer Testimonails

    The vibe the Cookies create is high energy! They play songs that people know and groove to. Their show lifts the mood.

    Gillian Graham CEO of Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA)
  • Customer Testimonails

    Awesome job guys, as always...totally enjoy dancing to your stuff!

    Laurie Hughes At Pickering Ribfest performance
  • Customer Testimonails

    We love having the Cookies play! They bring out a lot of fun people to our pub!

    Suzanne Manager of Smilin’ Jacks
  • Customer Testimonails

    The band was on fire. You know how to put on a show. I can’t wait ‘till your next gig!

    Sean Hart At Hard Rock Café performance
  • Customer Testimonails

    You guys really made the place rock! We always have a good time with the Cookies!

    Stephan Graham CEO in Marketing

For Parties, Functions & Gigs.

The unique sound of Who Stole the Cookies? keeps us busy with performances in a wide range of venues and with all kinds of clientele (public, private, corporate and commercial).

We have played at the Hard Rock Café, the Toronto International Beaches Jazz Festival (on the street and on the main stage), the Pickering Ribfest, at various public bars and venues, corporate events (Coffee Time, Grey Canada, events for the Institute of Communication Agencies, plus more), private functions (weddings, anniversary functions, birthday parties, sporting events).

We play a mix of our original boomer rock and over 50 songs from other rock and roll artists that we cover in our own unique way. Whatever the occasion, we will customize our performance to ensure your event is filled with unforgettable moments. One of our shows is sure to make you grin and tap your toes as you feel the rush of quality rock and roll enveloping you.

Our travelling shows take us around Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe. We are very reasonably priced. We would love to come your way and put on an unforgettable show. If you are interested in booking us, please call Tony at 416-300-2627 or email us at


Who Stole the Cookies? is a group of 4 singer-songwriters. We compose our own original songs in the style of what we describe as Boomer Rock: contemporary rock music that resonates with baby boomers, which booms with high energy, and that also appeals to younger people who love Rock ‘n Roll.

Our songs are ideally suited for use as full or partial soundtracks for TV series, movies, TV commercials, pre-roll/internet films, social media content, radio promo’s, exhibitions, special events, business presentations and sporting events. Our songs are very reasonably priced and we are happy to negotiate with you to ensure that both parties are mutually satisfied with the financial arrangement that we jointly arrive at.

If you are a director, producer, art director, writer or musicologist looking for that perfect sound to complement and enhance the moment, Who Stole the Cookies? can provide you with a slice of energetic boomer rock that will be perfect for your project.

Our original songs have recently been used for radio and television. Two of our songs were featured on The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett (radio), 3 of our songs were used in the television show Biker TV, and 2 of our songs were performed on CP24, along with a band interview, in promotion of the Toronto Beaches Jazz Festival.

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Many Thanks.

A big thank you for the use of their photography: Donald Gadziola
Paul Krol –
Lisa Mounteer –
Michael Wiensczyk –
Billy Zee –

A special thank you to John-Paul, Jacob-Paul and Michael Atherton who produced our 'Company Ink' music video, and to all our friends who starred in it!

A big thank you to Allison Proctor for this wonderful website, and to Matthew Proctor who produced our 'Good To Go' lyric and 'Cookie Teaser' videos.

Thank you to Paul Mitchell at Whitestone Editing Ltd. ( for producing the Cookies Sizzle Reel.

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