Bonspiels, Birthdays, BBQs, Beaches and Rockin’ with the Cookies

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Breaking the routines of life by “getting down” with Who Stole the Cookies? has proven to be a real treat for us and for our listeners.  Each performance energizes us and keeps us anticipating the next one. We’ve noticed how the monotony of life melts away when we look forward to our next gig. Every event has its own special feel and mood.  We are grateful for all our supporters, and for all the organizers and managers everywhere who invite us to play!

We’ve got a load of places and performances coming up on our itinerary, but first let’s take stock of all the good times we’ve had in the past few months. During Valentine’s week, we enjoyed playing the Eton House. We were host to the Professional Student Services Personnel pub night - these dedicated professionals help students be the best they can be within the Toronto District School Board. We were also joined by a large group of international University of Toronto students who came out to enjoy our brand of Rock. The great news was that the pub filled to capacity, but the sad news was that people had to be turned away at the door (a fire code thing).  

Next, we were at the Donalda Club for their annual Curling Bonspiel.  From what we understand, the curling competition was fierce, yet it further cemented cordial relations, with many prizes awarded.  Dinner was exquisite, the people were ready and fit for dancing, and we had a great time with their enthusiastic merrymaking late into the night.

On St. Patrick’s Day, we whooped it up “Irish Style” at Smilin’ Jack’s.  We wore our green ties emblazoned with shamrocks; we sung Vertigo by U2 and When Irish Eyes Are Smiling; we laughed at some stories and tales from Ireland; and we drank a few pints of Guinness. Sue joined us live via Skype from Arizona, thanks to Randy. The patrons and our people didn’t want us to finish, even going so far as to chant, “One more set, one more set,….”

Here’s what’s coming up for us~ We recently received word we were approved to play at the StreetFest of the Beaches International Jazz Festival in Toronto - Thursday, Friday, Saturday - July 26-28 (7-11pm). We hope to see all our old friends there, and meet some new ones. Before we get there, we’re performing at an annual golf club gala at the Donalda Club, and a good friend Michael's birthday bash. Then we’re hitting the road for a creative retreat and rehearsal in Belleville, then off to Kingston to scout out a venue for an upcoming gig, and then back for a quick trip to Pickering to play the Ribfest at the beginning of June.

Our next studio album - possibly due by Christmas - is a keenly anticipated recording, with more songs, more hours spent in the studio, and more time spent in the production process.  

Along with our regular lineup, we have debuted some new material and will be giving our fans more in the upcoming months. We hope our new songs are as much a treat for you as they are for us to create! 

Tony, Jamie, Kelly and I look forward to being with you soon!!!!