Beaches Jazz Festival Fun with Who Stole the Cookies?

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The spring ushered in a spirit of excitement with the confirmation of some great news! After only two years of playing on the street, we learned we had made it to the ‘big time’ level at the Beaches International Jazz Festival. Specifically, we thank Subaru for sponsoring our appearance on the OLG main stage at Woodbine Park: Saturday, July 26, 4:30pm. It’s a big boost of confidence to the Cookies—for the music we make, and for all the good times we enjoy at our shows.

The thought of playing to the biggest crowd that we have ever played to before, fills us with enthusiasm and drives us to relentlessly rehearse and fine-tune our most fitting original songs for the festival. As with the Pickering Ribfest back in May, we’ll have the undivided attention of a large audience to ourselves—for half an hour. We’ve spent the last few weeks figuring out how to ‘squeeze out every drop’ of the allotted time and are looking forward to how people will react to our tunes and definitive style. Barbara Lica is performing before us and Jerome Tucker/Tim Bastmeyer are after us. This has influenced the songs we will play during our time slot, so as to harmonize with the overall vibe of this great outdoor concert. Naturally, we can’t play all of our favourites, but we will play some of our most energizing tunes, and even save a couple for an encore, should the time allow.

We sent in our ‘tech rider’ and ‘stage plot’ specs to the stage and sound crew, who were reassuring and supportive. It can be a little unnerving putting our trust in the hands of a sound tech who's never heard our music before, to get the definitive sound signature of The Cookies just so, but where would the fun be if everything were easy? The crew has assured us—based on their experience—that our show will flow smoothly.

All in all, we’re feeling really good about our upcoming performance on the main stage. We plan to enjoy ourselves and create a special experience of listening pleasure for everyone in the park—whether they’re standing or sitting. Hundreds (maybe thousands) of people will be out in the hot sun to see the many talented performers. We want to stand out and make a lasting impression. We know that the majority of the crowd will be unfamiliar with our songs…our task is to get people to feel the rhythm and we want them to be engaged with us from the first minute to the last minute of our set. Tony, Jamie, Kelly and I can't wait to get that crowd moving and a grooving!

Nick Soter

P.S. It was great fun playing Smiling Jack’s last month, particularly when Jim, celebrating his retirement with a party of 30 or so, joined us on stage and played the harmonica for one of our blues boogie songs. You’re a true rock star Jim—keep on rockin’!