Cookies Celebrate Many Milestones

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On January 21, 2012, Who Stole the Cookies? celebrated five years of making music. It was on a Sunday in 2007, exactly five years to the day, on January 21st, that we formed as a band with the purpose of playing songs that bring joy to people everywhere.

In those five years, we have composed over a dozen original songs, performed in venues far and wide, and met many people along the way. From nights in pubs, to afternoons at ribfests, to corporate and private functions - and even a friend’s wedding, we’ve enjoyed playing and hanging out with a wide variety of interesting people. We’ve also had the privilege of supporting the Habitat for Humanity, the Toronto Humane Society, the United Way and Community neighbourhood events.

On Saturday, The Fox & Fiddle was hopping, as the capacity crowd got their groove on with us. A significant milestone was achieved with the release of our first EP - a bargain at $7 for 7 great tracks! Our first set featured all 7 original songs from the EP and more. At the set break, many people wanted to buy an EP, and we were more than happy to autograph them for our friends and fans. We are thrilled that we've been told our original songs can “stand up” musically and have commercial appeal. Through it all, we are finding our niche and are grateful for our supportive audiences everywhere we play.

We were delighted that Clark and his fun-loving party chose to celebrate his birthday with us. (We loved the delicious ice-cream cake!!)

Before we began the second set, we premiered our music video on the big screen featuring our song ‘Company Ink.’ Produced and directed by John-Paul of Atherton Graphics, the video combines live performance, with studio shots of the band, and actors portraying the storyline in the song. It was rounded out with excellent graphics and sound editing. The video was received very enthusiastically. Many of the people who ‘starred’ in the video were present and we thank them all for their time, effort, and dedication. Go check out the video in the "VIDEO" section of this website.

We were also very proud to share our special night with radio host Richard Syrett and his wife, the Mighty Aphrodite. Our songs ‘Nothing Concealed’ and ‘Stolen Cookie’ are enjoying playtime on Richard's program, The Conspiracy Show (Zoomer Radio AM 740). Richard took the mic and said a few words about his show and our songs. We thanked him for inspiring us and presented him with an autographed EP.

The singing, dancing and general atmosphere at the gig was electric. Giselle, Annette, Stephanie, Jennifer, Bonnie, Debby, Angie, Julie, Jackie, Joanne, and so many others - filled the dance floor and enticed many of the guys to join them as well. At one point I was so excited by this that I left the stage and I joined in on the dancing. My band mates, Tony, Jamie, and Kelly, kept the driving beat going and seamlessly waited for me to return and sing the rest of the song.

As a band we’ve always been true to our classic rock roots, and attempted to reflect the sensibilities and tastes of the boomer generation, while celebrating life the way we see it. Yes, it is true that we currently occupy a small part of the music industry, but we are excited in 2012 by what we see and hear, and we look forward to another five years of bringing joy to even more people by creating music that moves them - emotionally and physically!