A New Year with New Songs for Who Stole the Cookies?

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The Cookies want to keep the enthusiasm and energy going by writing new original songs, covering some more rock songs, and playing new venues and events in 2016.

The excitement of writing new songs and performing them keeps us moving forward, feeling fully alive, loving the music and experiencing the joy it can bring.

When composing, we are mindful of how many songs contain an expected pattern listeners like to hear, and how new songs need original hooks and sounds, interesting and unpredictable, in order to break through. 

We’ve learned over the years that if our songs are too predictable and expected, listeners may feel like they’ve heard it all before. On the other hand, songs which are too radical in style, could leave listeners feeling puzzled or unsettled. We constantly experiment with instrument sound, tempo, vocals, and structure (verse-chorus-bridge). 

There’s usually a key moment when composing and playing a song where something special happens. The mood changes from monotony to euphoria, the unexpected becomes magnetic. We notice this with ourselves and with the audience. How can playing and listening to music – which, unlike sex or food, has no vital value – trigger such a rewarding experience?

It has a lot to do with the kind of songs that people grew up listening to as they danced or sang along to them. Studies show that taste in music depends on past musical experiences and memories.  Different styles of music – Eastern or Western; jazz, heavy metal, or classic rock, etc – have different rules and structures that are recorded in a person’s brain. Every time you hear a song, a “memory hook” activates past patterns in your brain. 
When we make new music, we are rewarding past patterns, but we also seek to interest listeners with slight changes to those patterns. In short, we seek to serve the classic rock preferences of listeners, giving them something familiar yet different, inducing in them tingling chills of pleasure, by performing innovative melodies, rhythms and lyrics.

Tony, Jamie, Kelly and Nick